6. Stories

15 March 1773. My mother she conquers as Oliver Goldsmith stoops

5 February 1783. The new Order of St Patrick

1 February 1799. The wreck of the Proserpine

19 January 1801. Death of a village smallpox pioneer

13 February 1804. A fine party at Swanbourne

4 March 1805. The Polish Dwarf—“a little horror”

6 January 1806. Too much kissing on Twelfth Night

21 January 1806. “How absorbing politics are of every other feeling”

5 March 1806. Broad Bottoms Suckling

10 March 1806. British “invaders seeking to establish a dominion and to acquire an empire” in India

1 January 1810: No end to the hipping and hurrahing at Stowe

16 February 1816. A sickly visit to Paris and a return to a sickly England

13 May 1820: Medical wisdom

20 March 1821. Death of a confidential postman

20 February 1824. Mary Anning, Conybeare, and the Plesiosaurus

30 January 1826. Menai Bridge opens: “in beauty it surpasses all powers of description”

20 January 1827. If you are lower class, “a word and a blow go together”. But if you are a nobleman…

5 January 1828. A storm right in our teeth

12 March 1829. The Catholic Question that divided a nation and divided a family

3 January 1836. The Isle of Thanet Corn Drill

26 February 1836. Accidental Death of a Catholic at Stowe

The Myth of the Grenville Diptych

Richard Temple’s eyes: the chubby cherub at Stowe identified

Trafalgar Day – Nelson and the cult of celebrity

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